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Richard Ramsey's
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Located in - Wolfchase Galleria - Entrance # 5
2760 North Germantown Parkway, Suite 112
Memphis, Tennessee   38133
Phone:  1-901-257-1212

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Thomas Kinkade
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New Release from the Thomas Kinkade Vault
Garden Manor

The English Manor House was a long-time favorite subject of Thomas Kinkade's. He was charmed by the stateliness of the architecture and romanced by what he imagined life was like for the couple who lived there. The bright and glowing windows spoke of family and a loving togetherness that gave special meaning to the passing of each day. The flower gardens surrounding the manor are so lovingly cared for giving evidence to the nurturing hands that tend to the home.

Thom loved traveling to England and with each trip he would return with a trove of ideas that he hoped to translate into a masterwork in oil. In addition to Thom's travels, the inspiration behind his Mansions in Paradise series came from the Biblical verse, John 14:2, "in my Father's house are many mansions..."

Garden Manor, the second release in this series and a companion to Thom's popular painting Lakeside Manor, is an example of one such inspiration drawn from Thom's archive. One can almost smell the flowers and feel the brisk air as you allow your eyes to stroll up the grassy path to the inviting door of this exquisite home. The splashing of the water from the fountain entertains your ear while the anticipation grows for the glorious gathering of family and friends waiting just beyond the threshold. Join us at Garden Manor and celebrate life as God intended, serenely happy and wrapped in the comforting surroundings of a life well lived. To all those who loved Thom and his work, I want to thank you all for sharing the light. — Patrick Kinkade

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Introducing Our Newest Featured Artist Zachary Thomas Kinkade
Noah's Ark

There are few Bible stories more familiar than that of Noah's Ark. It is first taught to children in Sunday school as a tale highlighting the importance of obedience to God and of His promise to provide a means to wash away sin without washing away the sinner. The account gives foundation to the new covenant and the story of Jesus and Calvary. In an attempt to capture that narrative as an artist, I wanted to give prominence to the rainbow of God as an act of the Divine as opposed to a by-product of rain and light. To that purpose, I painted the rainbow extending beyond what is possible and into what can be done by the hand of the Creator. I enjoyed selecting the animals and wanted to represent the flood as a world event so I tried to find some balance between the animals of each continent, from the African lion to the North American elk. I also wanted all life represented: from reptile to bird to mammal, both domestic and wild. In that regard, I hope you enjoy exploring my menagerie.

This is the first in a suite of four paintings I am planning which will also include the story of Exodus, the Christmas story and the story of creation in the Garden of Eden. Each will attempt to capture a narrative in a manner both meaningful in Biblical and literary theme and beautiful in color, composition and aesthetic. I truly am honored to continue in my Uncle's tradition and to share this and my future work with all who have enjoyed his paintings. I am also grateful to those of you who may be just discovering my own efforts independently of what has come before. Speaking for those of us at Art Brand Studios, thank you all for sharing the light, both old and new; both then and now. — Zac Kinkade

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New Disney© Release from from Thomas Kinkade Studios
Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs©

As young boys, growing up in Placerville California, there were few things Thom and I loved more than going to our county's sole drive-in movie theater. Truly, the "Se Rancho Drive-In" forever held a place in Thom's heart and still holds one in mine. It was there that he and I first got to see all of the Disney Masterworks in animation.

I have real and distinct memories of watching Pinocchio, 101 Dalmatians and The Jungle Book there, sitting next to my mother and brother, my eyes alight with interest. But the first film we saw at the "Se Rancho", the one that started our family tradition was Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. This movie has been beloved by audiences since 1937. It was recognized at the 11th Academy Awards as a pioneering achievement in filmmaking and Walt Disney received honorary Oscars, one full-sized and seven smaller versions, for his work.

Join us at The Thomas Kinkade Studios as we revisit this tale of an imperiled princess and her seven delightful and dedicated protectors. We worked hard to capture all of the major background elements of the film, from the Prince's castle to the cozy cottage to the jeweled mine. Further, we poured ourselves into capturing the personalities of each of the Seven Dwarfs as well as portraying the Queen in the form of the Witch and Snow White herself. All added to the monumental complexity of the painted effort. Still, and without hesitation I can say that despite the number of artistic responsibilities, it was a joyous task to complete. For all those involved with the Thomas Kinkade Company, for my family and for Thom himself, I thank you all for sharing the light. — Patrick Kinkade

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Robert Finale's Latest American Masterpiece
Land of the Free

I am very proud to call this country my home; For it truly is the Land of the Free and the home of the brave. Out of all of our nation's monuments, this one is my favorite. The Marines raising the flag symbolizes all of the American people raising a country built on the idea that we can all be free.

I am very proud to be an American, and I thank God for our country and for all the veterans who fought and died for our rights and freedom. . — Robert Finale

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12 x 16 S/N – $600 framed
12 x 16 A/P – $750 framed
Call us today at 901-257-1212 to reserve your

Land of the Free

New Release from the Thomas Kinkade Vault
Morning Pledge

My brother loved this country. He believed in the founding fathers and their view of their fledgling republic. He absolutely knew that the United States was a beacon of hope for the world, promising fundamental justice and dignity for all those living here and help for those not allowed their basic human rights no matter where they might be. Simply put, Thom was an American and was devoted to the ideals of this country. It is also true that to Thom, nothing more stirred his patriot's heart then the 31 simple words of our country's Pledge of Allegiance. He first learned this oath as a child in our tiny country schoolhouse staring up at the bright stars and broad stripes of a flag gently wafting in a cool fall breeze. And Thom truly took those words as his own, never forgetting them or their profound meaning of commitment. Indeed, the pledge so impassioned his artistic motive that eventually it inspired him to put pencil to paper.

Join the Thomas Kinkade Company as we translate Thom's vision of the American Pledge of Allegiance and, indeed, of his United States on a six-part journey into to the heart and soul of the American people. Morning Pledge captures that first moment of commitment for Thom and for all young people as they come to realize their privilege in being an American citizen. In the near future each clause of that sacred vow will be expressed and given as a gift to all like-minded patriots. We, at the Thomas Kinkade Company, are excited to provide you with Thom's profession of faith in democracy and, as always, we thank you for sharing the light. — Patrick Kinkade

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Robert Finale's Latest Memphis Scenes Masterpiece
Elvis' Graceland®

Graceland is one of the most iconic homes in America. In this new painting I've imagined Elvis coming home after a long day at the recording studio with his guitar over his shoulder and his favorite Harley parked in the driveway. If you're an Elvis fan, I hope this painting rekindles some of your special memories of Elvis, the King of Rock and Roll. – Robert Finale

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12 x 18 S/N – $700 framed
12 x 18 A/P – $850 framed
12 x 18 Master Proof - SOLD
18 x 27 S/N – $1150 framed
18 x 27 A/P – $1300 framed

18 x 27 Master Proof - $1600 framed
24 x 36 S/N – $1640 framed
24 x 36 A/P – $1790 framed
24 x 36 Master Proof - SOLD
28 x 42 E/E – $2250

Call us today at 901-257-1212 to reserve your Elvis' Graceland®
Elvis®, Elvis Presley® and Graceland® are registered trademarks of Elvis Presley Enterprises, Inc.

Special Offer from Thomas Kinkade Studios
Clock Strikes Midnight

The story of "Cinderella" is a timeless and universal tale of romance and self-discovery. It explores the importance of inner beauty in the assessment of personal worth and proclaims the power of true love to overcome all obstacles, no matter how large and daunting they may seem. The folklore of the hidden princess magically discovered by her true prince has been told for hundreds of years in countries throughout the world as geographically and culturally diverse as Malaysia and Germany. The beauty of the fable and the importance of its message have also made it a constant in the list of favorite stories told and enjoyed by those spinning yarns in our own country. To be sure, Thom loved the original "Cinderella" as much as any and would speak of it fondly when reminiscing of story-times spent with his own beautiful daughters. Their laughter and delight at his telling would shine in his own eyes as he reveled in their obvious enchantment.

We at the Thomas Kinkade Studios are excited to continue in this storytelling tradition, bringing to life the latest Disney retelling of this classic story in the form of four paintings; each capturing in oil the joy of first love, the wonderment of fairy magic and the excitement of romantic adventure. Whether you are enjoying the encounter with the dashing stranger in the woods, the depiction of Cinderella's enchanted transformation, her flight from discovery at the King's ball or her time in love with the prince of her dreams, all of these masterworks in color and light will dazzle your eye and speak to your heart. It is our hope that this latest interpretation of "Cinderella" be a gift not only to all "princesses" but also to all those who love them.

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For a Limited Time Only!

Purchase All 4 Cinderella
LImited Edition Prints

at a Special Package Price!

Call 901-257-1212 or visit our gallery for details.

"Cinderella, Wishes Granted"
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"Cinderella, Romance Awakens"
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"Cinderella, Dreams Come True"
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Robert Finale's Latest European Masterpiece
Tower Bridge, London

I recall a misty evening in London as my wife and I stroll through the beautiful park, filled with vivid colors and the enticing smell of spring filling the air around us.

As we break through the last of the trees surrounding us, we are greeted by an awe inspiring vision, London's iconic Tower Bridge. The two towers loom high in the misty starry night, as if they are engulfing the horizon. As we approach our destination, we hear the bustling boats traveling through the mighty river Thames, going about their everyday business.

I am proud to share the majestic beauty of this sight in my newest inspiration on to canvas Tower Bridge, London. — Robert Finale

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18 x 27 S/N – $1150 framed
18 x 27 A/P – $1300 framed
24 x 36 S/N – $1640 framed
24 x 36 A/P – $1800 framed
Call us today at 901-257-1212 to reserve your

Tower Bridge, London

Robert Finale's Latest American City/Street Masterpiece
Petals of Spring, Central Park

A spring walk in the park is one of my most cherished things to do in the big city. The colors of spring pervade the park as the aroma of the cherry blossoms fill the air around me. Up ahead, I glimpse the Gapstow Bridge, a picturesque scene with swans swimming busily along the stream. As I continue across the bridge and around the park, the sounds of bustling people going about their daily business can be heard. This hardly bothers anyone though as the beautiful sights, sounds, and smells overtake this bustle.

In the distance, I notice horse and carriage rides crowded with people intending to enjoy the fresh spring day with their loved ones. Feelings of warmth overcome me as the sun peeks out from the clouds, greeting the gentle breeze caressing my face. I can only feel blessed to witness such a breathtaking spring day as I continue along the path on my journey through Central Park.

This beautiful scene can only be known as the "Petals of Spring" in Central Park. I invite you to partake in the allure of spring with me as I explore this vibrant palette of colors on canvas. — Robert Finale

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  9 x 12 S/N – $ 400 framed
16 x 20 S/N – $ 850 framed
16 x 20 A/P – $1000 framed
18 x 24 S/N – $1150 framed
18 x 24 A/P – $1300 framed
24 x 30 S/N – $1450 framed
24 x 30 A/P – $1630 framed
Call us today at 901-257-1212 to reserve your

Petals of Spring, Central Park

Inspiration Art gallery is the exclusive Signature Gallery dealer for the Mid-South area, and is proud to be an art gallery in Memphis representing Thomas Kinkade artwork. If you are a life-long fan of the artist or have only just discovered his work, we encourage you to come into our gallery and experience them in person. You'll be able to enjoy other original paintings for sale from artists like Robert Finale and many more. We'll help you find a beautiful work of art that's perfect for your home or office! Come see everything Inspiration Art Gallery has to offer today.

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