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Richard Ramsey's
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Located in - Wolfchase Galleria - Entrance # 5
2760 North Germantown Parkway, Suite 112
Memphis, Tennessee   38133
Phone:  1-901-257-1212

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Thomas Kinkade
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Robert Finale's Latest American City/Street Masterpice
Petals of Spring, Central Park

A spring walk in the park is one of my most cherished things to do in the big city. The colors of spring pervade the park as the aroma of the cherry blossoms fill the air around me. Up ahead, I glimpse the Gapstow Bridge, a picturesque scene with swans swimming busily along the stream. As I continue across the bridge and around the park, the sounds of bustling people going about their daily business can be heard. This hardly bothers anyone though as the beautiful sights, sounds, and smells overtake this bustle.

In the distance, I notice horse and carriage rides crowded with people intending to enjoy the fresh spring day with their loved ones. Feelings of warmth overcome me as the sun peeks out from the clouds, greeting the gentle breeze caressing my face. I can only feel blessed to witness such a breathtaking spring day as I continue along the path on my journey through Central Park.

This beautiful scene can only be known as the "Petals of Spring" in Central Park. I invite you to partake in the allure of spring with me as I explore this vibrant palette of colors on canvas. — Robert Finale

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  9 x 12 S/N – $ 400 framed
16 x 20 S/N – $ 850 framed
16 x 20 A/P – $1000 framed
18 x 24 S/N – $1150 framed
18 x 24 A/P – $1300 framed
24 x 30 S/N – $1450 framed
24 x 30 A/P – $1630 framed
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Petals of Spring, Central Park

From the Thomas Kinkade Vault
Valley Chapel

In my brother's writings he often referred to the natural world as God's greatest cathedral. Thom honestly felt that you could see the Creator's face in a mountain vista, hear His voice in the babbling of a brook, and feel His presence in a gentle mountain breeze. He felt God, as experienced in nature, would envelop the human senses and reach down through the body and into the eternal soul. Thom was raised in the mountains and held this belief from an early age; and returned there often to commune with his God and receive His grace. He would also routinely take the inspiration received there back into the studio, and with oil on canvas reach out to all those who loved his work. Indeed, Thom's landscapes are spiritual statements in the form of art and work as his personal testimony to the reality of God.

The Valley Chapel is no exception. This small historic church was built in the face of all of God's grandeur in Yosemite Valley and has been a spiritual resource there since the late 1800's. In the distance, Half Dome rises above the chapel giving perspective on man and our accomplishments in the scope of God's universe. God is limitless in time promising an eternity without beginning or end, and He is boundless in size granting us view into all that is and all that ever will be. The size of the granite monolith, and the time it took to carve from the earth, exists in stark contrast to the idea of the history of man or in terms of man's simple creation. We are humbled in the face of God and yet exalted in His acceptance of our love. We at the Thomas Kinkade Company invite you to walk with Thom in the beauty of the Yosemite Valley. Experience a boundless God in Yosemite, His most sublime creation and the intimacy of His love in this small chapel nestled in that valley. For Thom, his family and all those that strive to continue his vision in art, I thank you for sharing the light. God bless! — Patrick Kinkade

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12" x 16"– starting at $ 700 framed
18" x 24"– starting at $ 995 framed
25½" x 34"– starting at $1680 framed
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Valley Chapel

New From the Thomas Kinkade Studios
Featuring Zac Kinkade

Several years ago a friend asked my son, Zac to draw a riverboat in preparation for an event he was hosting. He wanted to display an original and felt the theme would well suit his gallery. Zac, who loved working with his Uncle Thom, delights in these sorts of requests and so accepted the artistic challenge. In doing so he captured in sketch, The River Queen. With every detail he put into his original one could readily imagine the bygone era of steam boats paddling up and down the Mississippi river. Romance, intrigue, and a sense of adventure were all apparent to any willing to step aboard.

Honeymooners, perhaps, walked the upper balconies enjoying the breeze and the verdant countryside as they waved to those along the shore. Gamblers, guns and cards up their sleeves, preyed on the ill-prepared in the common areas secreted below deck. And, the vessel's captain blew its mighty whistle telling folks for miles of the paddler's progress up and around the bend. Stories of the era, the river and these magnificent boats were probably best captured in the wonderful tales of Mark Twain but they are also happily revisited by Zac and all of us who worked to complete this painting for the Thomas Kinkade Studios. Come travel on The River Queen and see what lies ahead for you!

Your story begins as the wheel churns and the boat rolls on through the day and into the distance. New vistas await and exciting ports-of-call beacon but on the river it is the travel itself that most fulfills the sojourner heart. All aboard! God bless and thank you for sharing the light. — Patrick Kinkade

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12" x 18"– starting at $ 750 framed
18" x 27"– starting at $ 995 framed
24" x 36"– starting at $1680 framed
Call us today at 901-257-1212 to reserve your

The River Queen

Inspiration Art gallery is the exclusive Signature Gallery dealer for the Mid-South area, and is proud to be an art gallery in Memphis representing Thomas Kinkade artwork. If you are a life-long fan of the artist or have only just discovered his work, we encourage you to come into our gallery and experience them in person. You'll be able to enjoy other original paintings for sale from artists like Robert Finale and many more. We'll help you find a beautiful work of art that's perfect for your home or office! Come see everything Inspiration Art Gallery has to offer today.

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