Jackson Square, New Orleans

JacksonStreet, 5/15/14, 1:10 PM,  8C, 7182x10306 (2149+513), 117%, Custom,  1/15 s, R52.2, G20.0, B38.3

Art Notes

With the mighty Mississippi River at my back, I listen to the sounds of street musicians as my eyes take me on a journey along the cobblestone. In the moist evening air, I gaze up St. Ann Street, accented by beautiful iron fences. The night seems to be breathing as the tempo of horse drawn carriages mix with dinner conversations. The smell of wonderful food is in the air. I gaze upon historic Jackson Square, rising from it, the remarkable St. Louis Cathedral. Just up the street is an open-air artist colony where artists display their work on the outside of the square’s iron fences. The evening seems like magic. — Robert Finale

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