Memphis Fine Art Gallery

Thomas Kinkade's Art of Entertainment-Memphis

When it comes to a fine art gallery, there is no better place to go than Thomas Kinkade’s Art of Entertainment in Memphis, Tennessee. We have some breathtaking pieces to furnish any area whether it be your home, office, formal dining area, den, or even above the fireplace.

Thomas Kinkade has a way of reaching through the artwork and into our lives where we can be inspired and enriched to enjoy each and every day.


The Right Art For You

Our fine art gallery is full of amazing pieces and has a very knowledgeable staff to help you find just the right piece or even an entire collection to fill your needs. We staff our gallery with friendly professional art consultants that are available to help direct you to that creative, imaginative, or very realistic touch your space desires.

Exquisite Examples At Our Gallery

Morning Light LakeOur collection is extensive and full of fine art paintings, so come with plenty of time to browse around and feel the inspiration of each piece. There is no rush when it comes to selecting art that inspires your soul. Some of our incredible pieces include:

Visit our fine art gallery and enjoy the many options that surround you. If you are one that loves the city, The Spirit Of New York may be just what you need. There is no other feeling quite like the one that surrounds you with warmth and comfort as you envision yourself sitting next to the Valley Chapel or dreaming of sitting in the Sweetheart Gazebo. Give yourself the gift of peaceful surroundings with a piece from the Thomas Kinkade’s Art of Entertainment.

Sweetheart GazeboA New Experience

Thomas Kinkade’s Art of Entertainment isn’t just a fine art gallery. It is more of an exotic, breathtaking experience that allows you a glimpse inside the mind of our artists. The work found in our gallery invokes new feelings and emotions as you relax and drift off into the world created inside each painting.

Fine art makes a statement about the owner and their standards. Set your standards high and reach for the very best available. You can find everything you’re looking for right here in Thomas Kinkade’s Art of Entertainment in Memphis, Tennessee.