Memphis Art Consultants

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If you love artwork but are not sure what you want to buy and how it can enhance your home, the art consultants at Thomas Kinkade’s Art of Entertainment in Memphis, Tennessee can guide you in selecting the perfect piece for you. You don’t have to be an artist or an art expert to know what you like, and our professional consultants can assist you in finding and developing your own unique taste and style.

Jim Walker

Jim Walker

Our Art Consultants Can Help You

  • Develop Criteria for Your Art Collection
  • Assist In A Specific Direction For Your Collection
  • Suggest Art According To Taste
  • Advise Where To Place Art In Your Home

The Right Pieces For Your Home

While some collectors purchase art strictly as an investment to be stashed away in a vault, the vast majority of buyers want to live surrounded by their art. Falling in love with a painting is an emotional experience that can be prolonged by welcoming it into your home and enjoying it for years to come. It is important to identify and develop a strategy for expanding your collection, and our consultants have the expertise and experience to assist you in doing that.

Criteria That Suits You

While there are many differing opinions on “good” or “bad” art, these are usually based on individual bias and are purely in the eyes of the beholder. Price is not always an indicator of value, and what is currently trendy may not fit in with the artwork you love.

The Direction Of Your Collection

For beginners, our consultants can suggest art books and magazines to browse or specific pieces in our gallery to get a sense of what you love. If an artwork moves and inspires you, find out the name of the artist or what collection it’s in and look for at other work in the same style or by the same artist. Our consultants can also suggest paintings by other artists in similar styles.

Develop Your Personal Taste

There is no need to accept others’ sense of taste to avoid being out of touch with current trends. Our art consultants can guide you in exploring which artwork moves you, or that you respond to and will help you discover your own unique taste.

Placing Your Art

Once you have purchased the perfect artwork for you, our art consultants are experts in placing each painting in your home where you can fully experience its beauty. They will also help you with the proper framing, lighting, display and grouping of your collection so that it can enhance your home and your life forever.

Your Memphis Art Consultants

Visit us in Memphis, Tennessee at Thomas Kinkade’s Art of Entertainment and let our professional, knowledgeable, and experienced art consultants expand your horizons by opening up a whole new world of art appreciation and collecting.