Paintings For Music Lovers

The King Of Rock 'n' Roll

Come down to Thomas Kinkade’s Art of Entertainment of Memphis Tennessee to experience the one of a kind magical beauty of original art paintings for music lovers. There’s nothing like being able to view a masterpiece in all its wonderful dimensions and layers in its intended size and minute details.

Blues & Rock ‘N Roll Fans Delight

At Thomas Kinkade’s Art of Entertainment, we have scenes that will make your heart sing with the memories of all your favorite Disney movies and classic rock ‘n roll favorites. Stroll through the landscapes of Graceland, Elvis’s famous Memphis estate, painted by Thomas Kinkade during Gracelands 50th anniversary commemoration. If you’re an Elvis fan, don’t forget to ask about the newest Elvis painting to hit our gallery, The King of Rock n’ Roll by one of our featured artists, Blend Cota.

Enchanting Musicals & Movie Memories

Let your mind wander and stroll through the magical landscapes of Europe’s rugged scenery of the Matterhorn and the Alps with The Sound of Music. Give your family the gift and pleasure of reliving your favorite classic musical masterpieces. From the most beloved movies such as The Wizard of Oz, Fantasia, Gone With the Wind, and all the Disney classics including the most recent movies Tangled, Ice Age, Pirates of the Caribbean, The Polar Express, and The Princess and The Frog.

Americana Scenes That Sing Of City Life

Capture the nightlife scenes of the musical world of Tennessee; ask our friendly and knowledgeable staff about Robert Finale’s Americana and Memphis collections. With paintings like Blues On Beale Street and Nashville, Painting The Town, you can see the reflection of the beauty of American culture in our wonderful state and across historical America. Experiencing the art face-to-face, one can almost hear the music spilling out of the canvas, as the pink neon lights seem to warm the scene like an exciting night on the town.

Rediscover The Magic

Visit Thomas Kinkade’s Art of Entertainment in Memphis today to experience the beauty and light that can be shared through the joy of our paintings for music lovers. We are guaranteed to have a collection or piece that will make your heart sing. Our professional and knowledgeable staff are waiting to help you choose the right gift for your home or office, and to bring the magic back into your life.