Tennessee Limited Edition Art

Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman™

Stunning, evocative, and visually rich. These are just a few ways to describe the Tennessee Limited Edition Art that we feature at Thomas Kinkade’s Art of Entertainment in Memphis. Experience our extensive collection that ranges from nature and outdoor scenes to exclusive Disney releases. Let both your eyes and heart lead you towards discovering an extraordinary find for yourself or the art connoisseur in your life.

Thomas Kinkade

Our featured artist Thomas Kinkade was widely admired for his ability to capture the beauty and warmth in countless realistic scenes throughout his entire life. His mastery of his craft and the idyllic nature of his scenes lead to him being held in the highest regard around the world and has kept his paintings both relevant and cherished. This level of quality can be seen in the Tennessee Limited Edition Art throughout our entire gallery. We also feature many other incredibly talented artists who apply the same high standard that Thomas Kinkade perfected. Some of these artists include:

Professionals At Your Service

Choosing pieces at a high-end gallery can be both thrilling and overwhelming. With so much high-quality artwork to consider, it often helps to have professional assistance to go with our incredible selection of Limited Edition Art. Let our team of expert staff and art consultants share their passion and guide you towards finding the piece that inspires your soul. Some of the following amenities we offer are:

  • Quality Framing
  • Exclusive Collection
  • Professional Consultants
  • Years Of Experience

Your Tennessee Fine Art Gallery

We’re excited to share with you the gift of fine art that inspires us to appreciate the world in a new light. Stop by our Thomas Kinkade’s Art of Entertainment in Memphis to see all our Tennessee Limited Edition art we have to offer. Call or meet with us one-on-one anytime with questions, advice, and a truly personalized service from the art lovers in our gallery.